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Standard GripSlim Grip

All my handles are hardwood with a comfortable ergonomic shape and a beautiful clear finish. With the JH Forge knife there are several handle choices. Please select left or right-handed and then consider the following choices: A long handle which measures 6.25" or a short handle which is 5.5". The Slim Grip also comes in long or short and is designed for those seeking a more full wrap around grip and less mass in your hand. See the video link below for more information.

Jim explains blade types.
Jim explains handle differences.

"I have used JH Forge hoof knives exclusively for the last 4 years and haven't even looked at my old hoof knives since I made the switch. In my practice, I do a lot of lameness work. I really appreciate how the shape of the handle and the curve of the blade allow me greater control and precision when sorting through these complicated feet."
—Jen Reid, Horse Haven Manager
Best Friends Animal Society, Utah

KnifeStraight Blade with Pick
One of the straight blade profiles I offer and popular with customers. This knife would be handy if you prefer to work with the hand more flat. order...
KnifeDeep Belly with Pick
One of my most popular knife styles with the hoof pick. Folks who prefer to work with an angled hand like this one. order...
KnifeSpud Knife with Pick
This knife has a deeper curve in the blade along with the hoof pick. If you prefer to prepare the sole with your hand more straight up and down, this knife is for you. order...
KnifeShorty with Pick
The Shorty with pick is a real workhorse. The blade measures 1.75" long as compared to the Deep Belly which is 2.5" long. order...
Shorty Straight Blade Hoof KnifeShorty Straight Blade with Pick
The Shorty Straight Blade has all the same features as the Shorty with Pick except it has a straighter blade measuring 1.875" long. order...
KnifeClassic Loop with Pick
The loop knife style is a favorite among many farriers and this one is no exception. The built-in hoof pick is an added bonus. order...
KnifeNarrow Loop with Pick
A little smaller slimmer profile than the Classic Loop with the same great advantage of incorporating the hoof pick. order...
Frog BladeFrog Knife
Designed for trimming the frog and finding abscesses. order...

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